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Again, Pique Tea does this very well Social Advertising You should probably Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers List dedicate some of your social media advertising budget to lead generation. While this won’t lead to sales directly, growing your email list with people who are clearly interested in your business (after all, they’ve just downloaded your main magnet) is a great way to start nurturing potential new clients and clients. Call-to-action button Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers List on Facebook Every Facebook Page has a customizable button just below the cover photo. This is the perfect area to place lead magnet links.

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You can even update your cover photo with a graphic that teases Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers List magnets and an arrow to the call-to-action button to grab more attention. Links in bio on Instagram Although Instagram doesn’t allow you to put links in photo descriptions, you can put them in one place: your profile. There are a few different ways to use it. First, you can simply paste the link to the lead magnet in your bio link. You can then Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers List promote it in your bio, right above the link, in your Instagram Stories, and using your actual Instagram post. Alternatively, you can use software like Link tree or create your own dedicated Instagram landing page.

How Did You Get Into Content Marketing

Then you’ll use that page to include multiple links to the page. These Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers List can include links to your homepage, blog, store, and lead magnets. IMG 1208 5. Twitter bio link While you can (and should) still share a landing page link in your tweets, you can also edit your Twitter bio link to point directly to your main magnet. Doing so will put the link front and center on your Twitter profile. Image Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers List Source 6. Pin Tweets Additionally, you can pin Tweets to the top of your Twitter profile. If you want your Twitter bio to link to your website’s home page, create and share a Tweet that leads to your login page.

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