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Aerial Stories Airstory is a solution built for online Lebanon WhatsApp Number List writing professionals by extraordinary writer Joanna Wiebe . Basically, it combines your notes and clippings and outlining tools into one writing platform. This makes it easier to consolidate notes and research documents from all the different sources, saving you a lot of time. Airstory is great if you write a lot, especially if you write a lot of Lebanon WhatsApp Number List research-based content. 16. Scribes Scrivener is mostly known and used by those who write books. It’s like a forte on Google Docs, at least in terms of its organizational capabilities.

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You can more easily navigate the different sections and organize Lebanon WhatsApp Number List very large documents. Even if you’re not planning on launching a bestseller, it might be worth checking out Scrivener if you write a lot of ebooks or large documents. Evernote You’ve probably used or at least used Evernote . Evernote is basically a note-taking system, but you can use it across devices and share notes with Lebanon WhatsApp Number List collaborators. You can also easily clip content from the web, including links and screenshots, making it a writer’s dream tool. As someone who uses different computers to get work done, I find it extremely valuable (same as Google Docs, for the same reasons).

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Safe deposit box Dropbox is a secure file sharing. You’ve probably used Lebanon WhatsApp Number List at least heard of it. I would say it’s not very useful for writers, at least especially for writing. It’s useful if you’re working with and sharing larger files and files in their original format such as images Photoshop documents videos or other multimedia files. Quality Assurance Tool Once you start Lebanon WhatsApp Number List when you’re in this area. Having tools that can help you automatically reduce your writing errors and even improve your writing quality. There are definitely some free (or cheap) tools out there that can help ensure your quality. Hemingway Hemingway is Lebanon WhatsApp Number List app that helps you write. A more understandable level thinking smaller words shorter sentences and clearer grammar.

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