Digital Advertising

Internet (or Digital) Advertising, an increasingly important component within the company’s media mix, is constantly evolving. From banners to search through programmatic auction mechanisms, here is a brief overview full of examples of the options available to marketing today to promote brands

Digital Advertising, in Italian advertising on digital Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers channels, has now assumed a key role in the context of Digital Marketing strategies.  Compared to other advertising formats, Digital Advertising (or Adv, abbreviated) has important specificities, both with respect to the relationship it establishes between the various actors and to the traceability of behaviors, the automation of activities and analyzes, the possibility of collecting, integrating and analyze data from different sources. Internet Advertising, Online Advertising, or Web.

To fully understand its characteristics and objectives, it is necessary to include internet advertising as part of the overall and broader Marketing Mix, Communication Mix and Media Mix of an organization.

Index of topics


What do we mean by marketing mix, communication mix and media.

Some fixed points:

  • The most recent definition codified by the American Marketing Association defines Marketing “an activity, a set of structures and processes for creating, communicating, distributing and exchanging an offer that has value for customers, for partners, for society. as a whole”.
  • Marketing mix is ​​defined as the. Combination of marketing variables. That an organization can control with the aim of achieving the desired level of sales in the target markets, i.e. reaching the desired target with specific messages.
  • The marketing mix is ​​(traditionally). Composed of 4 macro-variables :
    • product
    • price
    • distribution (channel)
    • communication (which in turn can be broken down. Into the individual components of the communication mix), or signals or messages issued by the organization and addressed to its targets (customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, investors, regulatory bodies, public opinion, etc.).
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Marketing mix, communication 

omThe communication mix is ​​made up of the combination of communication levers that can be used by a company to communicate its positioning and its products and services to the target market; this combination can be broken down into the following variables:

    • advertising
    • personal selling
    • promotional sale
    • direct marketing
    • sponsorships
    • public relations (PR)
  • Communication (and therefore also advertising) is convey. Through various media , such as television, press, internet, billboards, etc.
  • The combination of media used makes up the so-called media mix .

Digital Advertising is therefore an integral part of the media mix , in turn part of the marketing mix.

If a traditionally multi-channel approach  involves the use of multiple parallel communication channels, their use in an integrated communication perspective  naturally leads to the definition of omnichannel strategies , which consider the strong interdependencies between the various communication initiatives conveyed on different channels and on different media.

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