Digital Marketing Agency or Freelancer?

Whether you need a visual identity, rebranding, a website or social media content. You Nprobably wondered if you should opt for an agency or a freelancer. There no such thing as “it’s the best”, both of which can work just as well, depending on which option best suits your business needs. First of all, you Armenia WhatsApp Number should answer the following questions. 1. What are the needs of the business and what is the ultimate goal? 2. What is the budget? 3. What is the deadline? Who, what?

Arguments Against Freelancer

Being a single person, if the freelancer gets sick or has personal emergencies. Your project will be postponed. Trust Not all freelancers have a well-established reputation. So it’s a good idea to check their portfolio or talk to other people who have worked with them. If you are wondering if the freelancer will deliver what you need, in turn he will ask himself if he will be paid on time. Thus, the efficient functioning of a collaboration depends on mutual trust. Specialization Usually, a freelancer will specialize in one or two areas. If he knows everything: branding, web design, content and implementation, above all at a low price, most likely the quality will not be at the level of expectations.

Myths About Freelancers

Armenia WhatsApp Number
Armenia WhatsApp Number

You can contact him at any time, he works at night and on Sundays.” “He charges less because he doesn’t deliver such good quality.” He charges less because he’s a solo player, a freelancer can even have 10 years of experience. (mindblowing fact: there are freelancers working for an agency at the same time, wow) Arguments for the agency The whole package The agency can help you with a head-to-tail project, each member of the team being specialized, but also having an overall perspective. Problem solving If a problem arises, an entire team can participate in solving it, each member bringing their own unique point of view. Extra effort

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