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Gutenberg Editor Tutorial Basics 6 1 Insert images Slovenia WhatsApp Number List videos or other media content OK, now you can create and format basic text and headings. This will get you there most of the time! But what about inserting media content? To insert any media content, you can insert blocks using the same + icon. To insert media content below existing content, use the + icon in the upper left corner. Alternatively, you Slovenia WhatsApp Number List can insert a new block between existing content by hovering over where you want to insert the content . Then you’ll use the add block button to the left of the new block.

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Slovenia WhatsApp Number List

Gutenberg Editor Tutorial Basics 7 With the Insert Slovenia WhatsApp Number List Block popup open you can choose. Images  Insert images from the WordPress media library or external URLs. Videos – Embed videos from the WordPress media library or external URLs. Embed – A separate block that helps you embed content from YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, SoundCloud, Instagram and tons of other sources. For Slovenia WhatsApp Number List example, here’s what it looks like to insert an image from the WordPress media library: Gutenberg Editor Tutorial Basics 8 1 Here’s how to embed a YouTube video.

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Gutenberg Editor Tutorial Basics 9 1 Insert shortcodes from Slovenia WhatsApp Number List other plugins If you’re like most. WordPress users you probably use shortcodes to include some plugins in your post or page content. Ultimately the goal is to have these types of plugins create their own Gutenberg blocks that you can use out of the box more on that later. But until then you can still include shortcodes in Slovenia WhatsApp Number List Gutenberg content using. Short code blocks Gutenberg Editor Tutorial Basics Rearrange content you have two options. Ok simple enough so far but what if you want to change the order of the blocks. For this you have two if you hover over the left side of the block you can use drag and drop to move the block.

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