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Mobile friendly Gutenberg works well on mobile devices by Russia WhatsApp Number List default, allowing you to create or edit content from any device. But on the other hand, someone pointed out some big problems with such an ambitious project: Backwards Compatibility – About 32% of the entire internet uses the current WordPress editor, which makes transitioning to the new editing experience very Russia WhatsApp Number List difficult. Basically, all old content has a lot of edge cases and it’s hard to ensure a seamless transition. Difficult for developers theme and plugin developers need to build. Gutenberg compatibility into their plugins and themes, and older extensions may not always work perfectly.

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There are tens of thousands of older plugins that may have Russia WhatsApp Number List compatibility issues. User education  While new users may love Gutenberg older users need to learn. New workflows which can be especially difficult for developers building sites for non-technical clients. So is the WordPress Gutenberg editor a good thing or a bad thing? Well, I’m inserting some personal opinions I think Russia WhatsApp Number List Gutenberg will be a positive change in the long run . You have more control over how your content looks and functions without the need for external solutions or custom code solutions. Having said that there is definitely the potential for short-term growing pains. When it comes to compatibility with existing plugins you may be using.

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And it’s hard to force WordPress’ huge user base to learn a new Russia WhatsApp Number List interface. When will the Gutenberg editor be released? The short answer is – we don’t know the exact date . Gutenberg will be released as part of WordPress but there is no official word on the exact release date of WordPress. We do have a rough idea now, though. Based on the recent WordPress kickoff Russia WhatsApp Number List meeting  the expected date is as early as November . Here is the longer answer: Gutenberg Editor now exists as a plugin in beta state .

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