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It’s a great tool for content teams who don’t Malaysia WhatsApp Number List want to spend their lives becoming Photoshop masters. 37. Adobe Creative Kit Adobe Photoshop is the clear leader when it comes to creating artwork. You may have some experience with the tool in the past, but probably not enough to consider yourself a master. Photoshop (along with InDesign and other Creative Suite tools) can be very useful in Malaysia WhatsApp Number List any situation, not just for bloggers, but for anyone in marketing. 38. Revenge Infographics are very difficult to make. Vintage enables you to make infographics with ease. Pictograms Piktochart also lets you easily create infographics. Sketch Sketch is a relatively powerful design tool and is often used by product designers, but if you are proficient in Sketch, you can create some powerful images.

Your Website Is Not Getting Much

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No splash Unsplash is a collection of beautiful photos given Malaysia WhatsApp Number List away for free. Use it instead of tacky stock photos. 42. Stocks Stocks is a single site that provides a navigable interface to several free stock photo sites. It includes other websites such as: Know almost no splash Startup stocks 43. All Free Stocks OK, there’s also a photo gallery. Stock photos are important, you don’t want to be stuck Malaysia WhatsApp Number List with the same photos being reused all over the internet. Having choice is a good thing. Here’s what my friend Benjamin Beck and online growth strategist recommends: “Finding the perfect image can sometimes make or break a post. Paying for an image per article can also be very expensive.

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To keep costs down while still using high-quality photos, I use All Malaysia WhatsApp Number List The Free Stock , which helps you in Find free stock images on multiple free sites” 44. LucidCharts LucidCharts makes it easy to directly create and use flowcharts, UML, wireframes, mind maps and more diagrams. This is a must if you are a visual content creator. It makes it so easy to create quick visuals to support your written words. Plus, they made one of the greatest promotional videos of all a great tool for designing featured images for your blog posts, and it’s also commonly used to create banner ads for your website that you can embed directly on your platform.

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