Dynamic Remarketing and Static Remarketing

Remarketing is a powerful marketing technique that allows you to promote ads to the most recent visitors to your site. This way of promoting a very effective one. As it the best way to remind your potential customers of the existence of your brand. Through personalized Benin WhatsApp Number ads according to their interests. Remarketing codes can  placed either at the website level or individually, on specific pages, depending on the target. This allows you to re-target people who have viewed a product or placed an order, for example.

Synamic Remarketing

A well-executed targeting indicates the degree of interest that users in that category have in the content of the website. For example, a visitor who goes through 10 pages before leaving the website will have distinct characteristics in his behavioral flow. Compare to another who abandons the landing page in the first 60 seconds. If the strategy contains the most relevant messages to the most targeted audience. The remarketing campaign has every chance of success. The better the message is in the best interests of the visitor. The better the chances of the visitor buying. Also, if the targeting process takes into account users who took action on the site in the last week. The chances of a successful remarketing campaign are significantly higher compared to a target group of people who have added products to the cart in recent weeks. 3 months, for example.

Spends Time on the Website

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Static (standard) remarketing is the traditional form that allows you to display general ads. The audience is made up of users who have visited the site and abandoned it without taking any action. This type of remarketing is suitable for consolidating the brand reputation. Dynamic remarketing is a personalized technique that targets recent site visitors. The difference between static and dynamic remarketing is that the latter uses a specific ad with a viewed product, which it displays to that user. In other words, this clever marketing technique knows what and to whom to display, so as to persuade the user to take action.

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