Effectiveness of an Online Promotion Campaign?

If we refer to our online pasta store, we will have the following: people who love pasta dishes. Those who are passionate about cooking because they also need dishes, those who watch culinary shows. As an age, we can start at 18 because they are easy to prepare. We can even Czech Republic WhatsApp Number reach the age of 65. Thus, we will have to have several target audience segments. (Primary and secondary) because each will have a different need, respectively we will communicate them through different messages.

When to Start Measuring a Campaign?

Once you’ve set your goals and set your target audience, the next step is to implement your campaigns. One of the benefits of an online campaign is that the results are visible shortly after the campaign is activated, but to determine exactly what works and what doesn’t, it takes a longer period of monitoring and testing. Test several landing pages, messages or images from the beginning and see which one works best.

Tools to Measure the Results of a Campaign

Czech Republic WhatsApp Number
Czech Republic WhatsApp Number

However, one of the most important tools in a marketer’s arsenal remains Google Analytics . It helps you monitor the performance of an online campaign (Facebook, AdWords) in conjunction with other traffic sources (organic, direct, email, referral), to see what users are doing on the site or how they are interacting with the site. If you have an online store and have activated the eCommerce Tracking function, you can follow the evolution of the sales generated, the products most frequently added to the cart, the dropout rate of the cart, the channels that generate the most sales, etc. These are just a few ideas to help you measure the impact of an online campaign. However, in order to get the best results for your campaign.

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