What Is a Good Social Media Engagement Ratio?

We are going to talk about a fundamental metric in social media marketing: the engagement rate. This engagement ratio measures the percentage of Oman Phone Number user interaction with your posts. The exact way to calculate it and the figures you can expect vary in each social network, so we are going to see what is a good engagement ratio in the different social networks and some tips to improve yours. Do you want to improve your advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram? Enter here and watch for free the course that will help you achieve better results for your brand or company.

What Is a Good Engagement Ratio on Different Social Networks?

What is a good engagement ratio on different social networks? Facebook To calculate the engagement rate on Facebook, we have to add the number of reactions, comments, and shares during the last 7 days, divide it by the Oman Phone Number total followers of the page and multiply it by 100. We can also calculate it from the metric “people talking about this”, which already combines the different types of interactions. 1Facebook Engagement [email protected] Aamplify Image. According to social media expert Mari Smith, the average engagement rate on Facebook is 2%. Although this number has a while and the competition on Facebook is much higher now than a few years ago.

10 Tips to Improve Your Engagement Rate on Social Networks

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Also, this is because users only see a small sample of their friends’ posts and Pages they follow. If we consult the average engagement figures on Facebook in the third quarter of 2020 according to Statista (calculated per publication), the Oman Phone Number average engagement would be only 0.18% , but it must be taken into account that most of the pages publish several times per week. In contrast, the engagement rate of video posts is 0.26%. In any of the three cases, LinkedIn’s target engagement rate would be around 2%.

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