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Enterprise and impresses more large enterprises Peru Phone Number to use the service with functions and products. Trading platform we believe that there are still many opportunities. In, the internet transformation of vertical industries. And platform companies have great potential: continue to be optimistic about the internet Peru Phone Number transformation of vertical industries. Even so / though, information to transactions, this is an important opportunity for vertical industry transformation. Likewise, mobile era will accelerate the transaction transformation. Of vertical industries, and platform companies will be more likely to emerge. Forming a unified entrance; the fields of huge industry output value, scattered upstream and downstream. Of the industrial chain, extremely asymmetric information.

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Social market, we have always divided it Peru Phone Number based on two dimensions. Even so / though, is relationship-centric, and the other is enterprise and impresses content-centric. We believe: entrepreneurs rooted in this field should be a heavy user: they have a deep. Understanding and cognition of users in their field, and in terms of core data, in addition to basic dau, mau, etc. They should also Peru Phone Number care about user participation. Degree and internal activity. There is an opportunity enterprise and impresses for vertical social networking. To expand to trading platforms: after community content helps users make consumption decisions. Even so / though, can make purchases immediately. This trading platform will become the core profit model of vertical social products in the future.

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Even so / though, likely to become Peru Phone Number significant in 2015. E-commerce: the e-commerce field also ushered in a small explosion in 2014. The theme of this e-commerce boom. Is mobile socialization and consumption upgrades. This year, we have heard a new term called “wechat”, which refers to those Peru Phone Number e-commerce providers. Likewise, carry out goods or services on wechat. Weibo and other mobile enterprise and impresses social platforms through wechat store or pocket pass. The communication form based on relationship chain and information flow brought by mobile and social has greatly reduced the difficulty. For users to establish trust and make consumption decisions. In addition, in the field of consumption upgrading. There will enterprise and impresses opportunities for new consumer brands. Even so / though, transaction chain, and credit bankruptcy are very suitable for trading platform companies.

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