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Traffic source Social media is complicated. A good social media engagement rate from a platform doesn’t necessarily mean website traffic. And it certainly doesn’t mean more leads. Those very few lucky people who manage to have it all are kings of the blog for a reason. For the rest of us, constant monitoring is an absolute requirement. If we’re trying to maintain perspective on what the converting platform really is and it may not always be the one we’re thinking of.

Pinterest-Google Analytics Screenshot of a Google Analytics account In the example above. Google Analytics brought some real surprises. Who would have thought that Pinterest would be the very source of over 85% of social media traffic for the account we analyze?

Popular and Authoritative Sources

Advertising Continue reading below Although the client is private, the bottom line is that their niche isn’t visual. So the results are a bit surprising. Metrics Luxembourg Phone Number for SEO Backlinks It is not necessary to repeat all the reasons why backlinks are important. Especially those from popular and authoritative sources. But it is important to monitor them. Because then we can correlate them with traffic spikes and see if there is a possible causality between the two. Article Performance Review Social Media Screenshot of For one of the examples above. The post with over 300 comments on the page. The backlink situation isn’t bad either!

This is a sign that the blog post has succeeded on more than one front and has managed to make an impact in the community provided it has shares. Page engagement and a large number of backlinks.

Which Are Performing Better

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Advertising Continue reading below Key words Google Analytics. Also has a metric to help you measure paid and organic keywords and see which are performing better. Not surprisingly, in many cases these are long-tail keywords. Google Analytics Organic Keywords Screenshot of a Google Analytics account. These will help you plan ahead to write about the most relevant topics for your audience and keep score on how effective content marketing is. So you won’t focus your efforts on the wrong ones. directions.

Advertising Continue reading below Marketing measures These metrics should always factor into our marketing efforts however. not only content drives them. Which is why you found them at the bottom of this blog post.

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