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There are really three ways you can write faster and Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List concentration (eliminate distractions) Improve raw typing speed Improve your process We’ll go over each one in detail, and we’ll also provide tools and advice on how to improve each lever. Better Focus: Fluid State and Deep Work “Who you are, what you think, feel and do, what you love—is the sum total of your Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List Newport Ever feel “in the zone” when writing? Text just came out of the pen (or keyboard) and you barely have to look up from the screen? It almost feels like magic. This elusive state is often referred to as “flow,” and it’s ideal if you’re a writer (or any kind of creative person).

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However getting into a Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List state of flow is difficult. It requires two chunks: Eliminate distractions Highly focused on the task at hand. Eliminate distractions First, we need to remove the obstacles that might prevent us from concentrating. To do this, in our modern age, is not an easy task. If you’re like me you have Slack notifications that take your attention away from Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List phone making noises. When you get a new notification, and the growing number of more desirable tasks with only a few tabs on your computer Imminent threat screen. Part of avoiding these things must be willpower, the ability to eliminate distractions. Part of avoiding these things is avoiding the need to avoid them. make them cease to exist.

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For the first part, focusing and avoiding Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List have meditation and mindfulness. If you have the ability to notice the passing phenomenon without letting it disrupt your have a special power. However, we all need help with this. Try to develop a mindfulness habit in the morning and/or evening. There are several free or inexpensive solutions available. Some of my favorite Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List guided meditations are Tara Brahe headspace oak calm. For the second part removing distractions from the field of view we have several network solutions.

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