Facebook Comes to the Aid of Brands

Facebook is helping marketers and brands come up with an innovative solution. That can turn the Messenger bot into an advertising bot. This will help them reach out and interact more easily with their potential customers, directly through chat. The actual testing of this El Salvador WhatsApp Number type of advertising began in April 2016.When Facebook allowed brands to use developer tools to help them manage conversations on this social network. “The messages sponsored by Facebook Messenger quite simple and do not seem to deviate. From the version in the testing phase. These only display to people who a conversation.

How Will You Charged for Sponsor

But this is not the only restriction. Sponsored messages can contain a single link and a single photo.  And sponsor message campaigns cannot automatically modified. To run simultaneously on Facebook or Instagram, unlike normal ads made for these platforms. In accordance with this last limitation and the launch of sponsored messages. Facebook thus allows each advertiser to run ads through the chat platform. Another condition that you need to consider when starting a conversation the access that they need to provide to your Facebook Messenger account.

Facebook Introduces Other Features

El Salvador WhatsApp Number
El Salvador WhatsApp Number

Now brands will be able to find out where people who clicked on a link and started a conversation with the brand via Facebook Messenger are coming from. Facebook will also add a vertical version to carousel ads to allow marketers to display products in the most visible way possible. And, finally, brands can integrate Messenger into their website, so when someone intends to buy something or register an account, brands can send them notifications asking for their approval to sending subsequent messages. These will work like a newsletter, with the brand informing those interested of the latest products or other relevant information. Messages will be sent by default, those interested can choose whether or not to receive such information in their chat.

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