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From each other but in general, it is a Cambodia Phone Number relatively simple and rough way of life. Everyone abides by the contract and shares the profits. The natural leadership qualities of the content production. Department undoubtedly, unlike internet companies, the content department in traditional media organizations is the Cambodia Phone Number front-line department, which is unshakable. Therefore, every journalist and editor.has a certain dream of being an opinion leader. Work. However, the rapid development of the tmt industry in the past ten years has brought earth-shaking. Changes in the way of information dissemination, gameplay and channels, and the income and status of media professionals have been surpassed by a group of product managers. With dreams of changing the world.

With the Basic Cambodia Phone Number

Shaping of internet thinking and Cambodia Phone Number technological development paths. Media professionals have the opportunity to become opinion leaders again, and when they become leaders again. They may become financially free capitalists in addition to opinion leaders. Through confucianism, the rulers Cambodia Phone Number made the literati groups do not understand the economy, do not make money, and disdain to make money. And basically cannot obtain huge wealth except for corruption. However, in the internet age, when literati groups are naturally good at mastering. Influence and have the ability to master wealth through wisdom and positive energy, they may really rise. A little gossip: it said that s newspaper group a group with particularly ideal news. So it actually paid special attention to these years.

The Deconstruction of Cambodia Phone Number

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The physical organization and the reconstruction of the virtual organization. The original literati were all bred in traditional government-run media, with decent salaries. And played the game of balance beam between journalistic ideals and real life, because they lacked independence to create wealth on a large scale. Ability, and this  Cambodia Phone Number nurturance relationship continues delicately. Then, with the large-scale development of the internal incubation model and the standardization of third-party. Technical services, the traditional media people transformed. And upgraded to new media product managers who have ideals Cambodia Phone Number and the ability to make money independently. The distribution plan seems to unable to released for a while. So what will be the result? Just look at the surging self-media alliances and the entrepreneurs from. The media who have gone to sea and successfully transformed.

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