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From the perspective of enterprise value. High-quality content Iran Phone Number can improve user stickiness for social networks. And increase dau number of daily active users and average dwell time. By the way, social networking sites. Can also promote ads in their content — already facebook’s most important source of revenue. The popularity of social networking sites means to media other than the wechat official account: the second Iran Phone Number overthrow and reconstruction. Of the three core links of content production. Content distribution and business model. Even so / though, criterion for measuring the influence of an article has become. Whether it can be shared by users. The key to sharing lies in the following three things. Even so / though, o you have the ability to monitor popular content and predict trends?

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Even so / though, own circle of friends. How to continuously Iran Phone Number optimize the content. Each title can be written in two or even five ways. How to judge which keyword is more likely to cause popularity? 3. How to adjust content distribution and business model? Buzzfeed a case that ignored, and its model answers 90% of the questions. At present, domestic Iran Phone Number new media are still basically. Relying on content editing. This model can ensure content quality and basic topicality. But it is far from being able to shared. For the judgment of popular content. The effect of the machine better. One of the earliest products on buzzfeed buzzbot, which designed to monitor and judge popular content on the internet.

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Always been a very difficult thing to Iran Phone Number unify standards. In the past, it basically relied on editors’ subjective judgments, but each editor has different standards for good content, and even in extreme cases. It will be difficult for the media to form a synergy, and content productization will also unable to execute. Many new media Iran Phone Number in china realize that content needs to productized, but so far no one made a technical definition and practical. Operation standard for “productization”. Is a character interview column a product? Tech blog related to the internet industry a product? News client a content product? It’s really painful to analyze carefully. It’s also a big guy’s show. I like watching cook’s interviews. But i may have talked a lot about jack ma’s interest.

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