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The current text editor you’ve been using for years will Poland WhatsApp Number List be gone, replaced by the brand new WordPress Gutenberg editor. Big changes like this can set off alarm bells in your head… Will your workflow be interrupted? Will your current plugins and themes continue to work? How do you continue to create great content with this new editor? In this article, you’ll learn the answers to these questions Poland WhatsApp Number List and more . This is the ultimate WordPress Gutenberg editor guide for anyone and everyone using WordPress to create content. You will learn: What is the WordPress Gutenberg editor, why/when, and answers to some basic frequently asked questions.

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How to mimic the current editor functionality and create a Poland WhatsApp Number List basic blog post with Gutenberg. Some untold tips for working more efficiently with Gutenberg ( based on my hands-on experience using it on live sites ). How to take advantage of new features in Gutenberg Benefit from content and layout features you’ve never had access to before. Anyway, this new editor is coming soon, so take Poland WhatsApp Number List some time to familiarize yourself with the WordPress Gutenberg editor so you can start using it as soon as it’s released! What the Gutenberg Editor is and why you should care Gutenberg Editor is a complete reimagining of the current WordPress text editor that you can use to create posts or pages with WordPress.

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I say reimagining rather than redesigning because it Poland WhatsApp Number List editing experience from the ground up . Once developed, Gutenberg will replace the current WordPress text editor, and you’ll use the Gutenberg editor to create future content ( though you’ll have several options if you want to stick with the current experience – more on that later ). So what makes the Gutenberg editor a “complete reimagining”? First, let’s review what I mean by “WordPress editor”. If you’re not quite sure what I’ve been talking about, the current WordPress TinyMCE editor looks like this.

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