Generation Z, Technology and Social Media

We’ve all heard the term Millennials at least once , which refers to the generation born between 1981 and 1996. Significantly different in social interaction from the previous generation group. They brought important changes in culture, economy, and technology, both in the United State. As well as European Belarus WhatsApp Number countries. Numerous articles, editorials and studies  to this generation. Its understanding consider essential in order to place its members in a consumer market . Moreover, building a relationship with it gives companies, marketers, opinion makers and politicians a chance to bring their product. Service or platform closer to an area of ​​consumption.

What is Generation Z?

According to Pew Research, Generation Z includes all those born since 1997. Thus, the “oldest” member of this generation is 21 years old, and most are still in their teens. Even if the majority does not yet the right to vote and does not enjoy a stable income. Its potential for influence is already exploited by various branches of society. Moreover, their unstable nature necessitates an attempt at a premature theorizing of them. Which will be used later in influencing the group. They are able to think analytically and use new technologies and methods of communication to bring about change. Just because Generation Z lives on Social Media doesn’t mean it’s not able to see the outside world

Generation Z and Technology

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We can say that Z is the first generation that was “born with the phone in hand”, access to smartphones all life. According to a study by Business Insider, almost 80% of them already owned a smartphone at the age of 13. This has led to a radical change in the dynamics and typology of communication. Which achiev almost entirely through Social Media and texts. Most of those who are part of the new generation have access to a computer or laptop at home, but the percentage is significantly influenced in this segment by the total income of the family, but also by the level of education of the parents.

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