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The content management software offered by Nepal WhatsApp Number List Curata appears to use some kind of machine learning to present content recommendations. It’s a bit high-end, but it might be worth looking into if you want to get serious about curating and creating a great social presence. Outreach tools Part of the advocacy is also outreach. Yes, in order to get your content in front of influencers and Nepal WhatsApp Number List readers, you sometimes need to send out some emails. Also, learning the art of cold email is important if you want to find great guest writers, source subject matter experts, or really just introduce yourself to anyone outside your current network . There are many tools in this field now.

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Mailshake Mailshake lets you send out tons of Nepal WhatsApp Number List personalized cold emails and lets you follow up automatically based on opens or replies. I’m a big fan of this cold outreach tool. 68. is another sales email automation solution that lets you automatically send personalized follow-up emails to your lists. 69. Mail Merge Google Sheets Plugin Don’t want to register a software solution? Not necessary. This is a Google Sheets plugin that allows you to put together a list of contact email addresses and mass Nepal WhatsApp Number List email them (with a personalization token if you prefer). You can also send attachments. This is a great tool if you just want to have a one-shot blast. Of course, you can’t measure results well, and if you do a lot of cold emails, you’ll definitely want a specialized solution.

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Boomerang Boomerang lets you schedule emails as Nepal WhatsApp Number List well as send yourself follow-up reminders. Plus, it has a really cool machine learning feature that shows you how “responsive” your emails are. It mostly works with Gmail. Really great tool. 71. HubSpot Sales Free HubSpot Sales Free includes a ton of products that help you do better outreach: A CRM that helps you manage all contact points with your outreach. A templates tool to save time on email templates and to measure their effectiveness. A sales Nepal WhatsApp Number List automation tool to automatically personalize and send follow up emails. A meeting scheduler to save you time on back and forth emails. Of course, they have paid versions of all of these, and they can get pretty pricey. But you can pull a lot of value from the free versions.

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