Give a Different Gift With a “Give a Site” Gift

On the occasion of the festive period, we want to offer some of our services and knowledge to a noble cause. Committing ourselves to build the site of a non-governmental organization that you support. Even though the “Give a Site” initiative is about creating a single website by Klain. Also, an open invitation for any company to join it by donating a site to an NGO . Through the Albania WhatsApp Number Leasing WEB service, a business the opportunity to purchase a site on behalf of the organization it supports. And its costs can be paid in a period of 6-24 months . The campaign takes place between December 2-24 , and by December 22. We invite any non-governmental organization to sign up by following the steps below. Subsequently, on December 24th , the winner or winners.

I’m an Ngo – How Do I Sign Up for the Campaign?

Do you own an NGO or are you active in such an organization and do. You think that your online presence would benefit the cause you support? Join your organization in this initiative and motivate why you deserve a (new) site. All you have to do is fill in the following form and you will automatically enter the campaign: I am an individual – How can I get involved in the initiative? Are you an individual and want to give a gift to the organization you support? Tag her in a comment on any of our social media posts, and we’ll contact her. Don’t forget to specify why this NGO needs a (new) site.

I’m a Company – How Can I Help Support My Campaign?

Albania WhatsApp Number
Albania WhatsApp Number

If you believe in the causes supported by NGOs, in promoting their message and you want to actively participate in our initiative, you have several ways to do so. First of all, you can contribute by providing monthly financial support for an NGO , so that the latter can benefit from a (new) site through which to make its message known. To make your contribution easier, the site can be paid in a period of 6-24 months through the LeasingWEB service. However, if you are not willing to make this commitment, you can help by distributing the “Give a site” campaign on your online or offline communication channels. This way, you can give both your staff and your customers the opportunity to support the organizations they believe in.


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