“Give a Site” Enters the Last Week of Registration

Give a site”, the campaign through which we want to offer a gift website to an NGO, is coming to an end. There are 7 more days available, during which time you can join our initiative, whether you are an NGO, a company that wants to buy a site on its behalf. Or someone who wants to Afghanistan WhatsApp Number contribute by supporting your favorite organization. Until the publication of this article, non-governmental organizations from different sectors of activity such as social, medical or educational have joined the campaign. All of them want their work to create a better world, and a (new) site is a major contribution to this goal.

What Are the Benefits of Owning a Website by an Ngo?

The need for a site in this digital age is obvious. A site allows you to constantly communicate information about the activity, mission, vision and objectives of the organization. It will function as a real business card through which visitors will have access to contact details and updated information. Through this, donation mechanisms promoted and the enrollment of volunteers. The organization facilitat  through a form. The site the place where information about events and activities  publish  for the first time. And then distributed on the media or on social networks. Summarizing all this. We say that the activity of an NGO is greatly influenced by owning a website.

How Can I Support This Initiative?

Afghanistan WhatsApp Number
Afghanistan WhatsApp Number

If you represent a company, you can purchase a website on behalf of a non-governmental organization, thus supporting its causes. Fill out the form and we will contact you later to establish all the details. It is important to mention that its payment can be made on a leasing model, in installments between 6-24 months. If you are a person who wants to support the initiative, you can recommend an NGO by tagging it in any post related to the Social Media campaign. Furthermore, we invite you to share the materials on your personal page and mention the campaign in any appropriate context.

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