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Start a YouTube channel In addition to Facebook, consider Thailand WhatsApp Number List creating a YouTube channel for your dental practice. You can use the platform to educate the general public about dental hygiene, or discuss different careers in dentistry to inspire future dentists. But why is YouTube such a powerful SEO booster? In addition to having millions of subscribers, YouTube’s parent company also Thailand WhatsApp Number List happens to be Google. This means enjoying some of the SEO benefits of the platform. However, make sure your keywords appear in the tags and descriptions of your videos. Also, don’t forget to add a link to your website. Also, add the full name and address of your dental practice.

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Thailand WhatsApp Number List

Consider standardizing NAP lists You will also need to standardize Thailand WhatsApp Number List your list of names, addresses and telephone numbers (NAP). You want these three key elements to appear the same across all of your social media and online accounts. So check your NAP list. If you find some incorrect citations, please update them immediately. This will prevent them from hurting your search Thailand WhatsApp Number List rankings. 16. Use internal links In addition to using backlinks, you should also use internal links to boost local SEO. Internal links are links to blog posts or service pages that users can find on your website. When including internal linking in your articles, be sure to use keyword-rich anchor text.

Website Complete Your Google Maps

Doing so will help you build a solid site architecture. It will Thailand WhatsApp Number List also help Google index your site faster. 17. Improve the speed of your website Do everything you can to improve the speed of your website. Surveys show that 70% of consumers say website speed affects their purchasing decisions. Therefore, strive to reduce the latency of your website. You want your website to load as fast as Thailand WhatsApp Number List possible. Otherwise, your visitor will click the “Return” button and look for another dental practice. One way to speed up web pages is to compress large files. If you want to hire a provider to host your website, be sure to choose a reputable provider. The faster your website is, the better your chances of ranking well on Google.

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