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Good luck among relatives and friends. With the popularization and development of smartphones. The way people greet each other with new year’s greetings, from Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List phone calls. Text messages to wechat, is constantly changing. In the spring festival last year, mobile phone red envelopes began to Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List become a new highlight of the chinese new year. There are still a few days before the spring festival of the year of the sheep. But the red envelope war has already started ahead of time. And the first wave of red envelope grabs is the first round. Of red envelopes for alipay wallets was opened. Open the alipay wallet to see a game similar to “whack-a-mole”.

The Wallet with Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List

The words “come on” and “poke me” “dodge” on the screen. And hit it to get a red envelope. It is understood that from february 11 to february 19, alipay and brand merchants will distribute 600 million yuan of red envelopes, of which more than 156 million yuan Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List in cash and about 430 million yuan. In shopping and consumption red envelopes. On the evening of february 11, the war for qq red envelopes also began. According to reports, qq will distribute a total of 3 billion red envelopes during the spring festival. And the Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List distribution time will last from new year’s eve to new year’s eve. Qq red envelopes are divided into star red envelopes. And corporate red envelopes. Each star has 1 hour.

In the First Half Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List

Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List

Hour, users have to like the star, and the second half-hour is Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List officially launched. On new year’s eve, qq will also cooperate with enterprises to provide benefits for all users. Each account can grab a corporate red envelope every. Hour on the hour, and opportunities cannot be accumulated. Although wechat is not the first promoter of red envelopes. It has come to the fore with the “red envelope wind” that was driven Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List by last year’s spring festival. At 9:00 on february 11, the wechat spring festival red envelopes were officially opened. Users can grab a total of 25 million cash red envelopes by shaking them on wechat. It is understood that during the spring festival, wechat will cooperate. With various merchants to launch the spring festival.

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