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Knowing that AI needs a lot of data to make decisions Uganda WhatsApp Number List and learn, and an influx of more data to learn and adapt better, is the core I’m going to get into as AI relates to local SEO. How AI affects local SEO The purpose of this article is to discuss how to perform effective local SEO knowing that artificial intelligence is at the heart of Google Search. So we have to start with the premise that any Uganda WhatsApp Number List effective local SEO campaign has to feed Google more and more data in some way, based on AI determining the nature of the results. But what kind of data affects local SEO? Or what type of data can we generate to influence our ranking, presence and productivity in Google Local Search and Google Maps?

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The answer is citations. OK, that’s great…but what are Uganda WhatsApp Number List citations and what are local SEO citations? According to SEO Mark, who owns the featured snippet for the question “What are citations for local SEO?” This is the citation: What are local SEO citations? A citation is an online reference to your business name, address and telephone number (NAP). Like links to your website, Google uses them Uganda WhatsApp Number List when evaluating your business’ online authority. In other words, a citation is a dataset made up of your business location data. So that dataset is citations, which is the sum of your local business data.

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But what local business data makes us citations? What are the 7 Uganda WhatsApp Number List components of a local SEO citation There are 7 variables or fragments of local business data that make up the complete reference. your company name your high street address your business city your business status your business zip code Your company phone# Your business website URL In other words, the exact mailing address of Uganda WhatsApp Number List your business location plus your website URL. This is the full citation. Here’s a full quote from our business. Website Design & SEO 855 Gaines School Road Suite A Athens, GA a dataset consisting of the 7 variables above.

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