Google Is Withdrawing the Adwords and Doubleclick

After about 20 years, the DoubleClick and AdWords brands will cease to exist. This the announcement made by Google a few days ago. In a move that supports efforts to streamline its offerings. The company’s core advertising products being renamed and reorganiz  to better Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number reflect their current capabilities and accurately identify areas for growth. Along with this rebranding move. Google introducing new solutions to simplify advertising on their platforms . In this way, there will now be three major brands.

Sridhar Ramaswamy, Vice President of the Company’s

Advertising efforts, said in a news conference that the change comes as a result of the constant feedback. Received in recent years on the high number of products and brands . This  confusing to marketers and advertisers, and for this reason it  decided to simplify it. Even though, according to Ramaswamy, this decision is largely just a name change. Google is also introducing a new platform to help small businesses advertise . We further analyze the consequences of Google’s decision, following the changes made to each service.

These Features Will Maintained With the Introduction

Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number
Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number

of Google Ads, which, as Sridhar Ramaswamy claims, is a much more direct representation of what Google advertising can offer . “The goal is that simplicity and alignment of the basic message, from the first second when the name is spoken,” said the vice president of Google’s ads department. Moreover, the company states that, in the case of this platform, the rebranding action is not just a name change. In order to encourage simplicity and support for small businesses that do not have the time and resources to run complex digital advertising campaigns, Google is introducing Smart Campaigns .

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