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It shows you a heatmap of where visitors France WhatsApp Number List even session replays (videos of users actually viewing your site). In this regard, it is generally more relevant to user experience analysis, as reports are often more qualitative in nature. However, because it’s a complete tool for gathering insights, I’ve included it as an analytics tool. Hojer is easy to set up. While it cannot be installed on a free hosted France WhatsApp Number List be easily set up in other ways. Here are instructions on how to do this from Hojer’s help site . quality assurance How do you know your content is good? Well, once a post is published, you can rely on comments and feedback.

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France WhatsApp Number List

Or, better France WhatsApp Number List use tools to help you QA your content and make sure it’s bug-free and of high quality. 32. Word Statistics Word Stats is a great way to gain insight into the linguistic and qualitative aspects of your content. You can track your posts and improve their quality. Basically, you get a reporting tool where you can select authors and view the following data: total word count. The France WhatsApp Number List and percentage of posts for each post type. Top 20 keywords. Percentage of posts for basic, intermediate, and advanced readability levels. Graphs of monthly word counts for each post type.

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Diagnostic sheet with links to edit posts that may be too France WhatsApp Number List difficult, too simple, lack relevant keywords or abuse certain keywords. Pretty neat! 33. Grammar This isn’t a WordPress specific tool, but I won’t apologize for it because I love Grammarly . This is the Chrome extension you should definitely use. It will really help you clean up your language when writing online anywhere. Super easy to France WhatsApp Number List Workflow Tools Once you’ve published regular content, you may need a tool or two to manage your process. From editorial calendars to workflow tools, there are many solutions to make a content manager’s job easier.

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