Guide for Writing Meta Tags for an Online Shop

Meta tags make the difference a click from a potential customer to your site and a lost one that goes to your competition if they aren’t worded properly. What are meta tags? Meta tags HTML element. Inserted in the site code and intended to provide  information or instructions. They are used by search engine robots to describe the content of the page and to show them how to index it. Basically, meta tags are transmitted to search engines. Such as Google. But also to your Brazil WhatsApp Number potential customer. Which contains the page or site in question and which are the most relevant words in relation to the content on each page. Because they are in the section of the site. They among the first information read by search engines.

What the Most Important Meta Tags?

The most important meta tags are: Meta Title. Meta Description and Meta Language . Although Meta Keywords is well known, it lost its influence when. It comes to optimizing a site (from an SEO point of view). Meta Title Meta Title is, in fact, Page Title. It should not be longer than 65-70 characters. As Google only displays 65 characters. It is very important that it has unique content , includes a keyword representative for the page, and is suggestive . Meta Title may contain in addition to the page title and brand name or other information relevant to the user.

How to Declare Meta Tags in an Online Store?

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In order for the texts used in the writing of meta tags to be as relevant as possible for a potential customer, but at the same time for Google, they must be done according to the following aspects: Analyze and define the target audience, in order to identify the messages and keywords to which it reacts; Analysis and identification of the specifics of products or services, in order to highlight the strengths and benefits they offer; Analysis and identification of the specifics of the product categories, in order to be able to differentiate the description texts on each category; Defining the advantages and benefits offered by the supplier.

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