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Has always insisted on building a comfortable Uganda Phone Number environment for users. Without interference, privacy exposure, and ease and reliability. It is very difficult to do commercialization on the premise of maintaining this environment. Game between c and b, wechat is inclined to c. In the process of designing wechat, xiaolong refined a lot of principles. The insurmountable two-way friendship mentioned in the previous article, there is Uganda Phone Number another criterion that best explains. The various commercial designs of wechat. The information in wechat is related to the user. Not pushed by the system. Extending this criterion, there are many conclusions. For example, do not do excessive activity promotion, do not induce sharing. Do not induce attention, the information flow should be clear, and the information flow should highlight friends, etc.

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Wechat belongs to the user, wechat Uganda Phone Number belong to the merchant. And wechat is not the wechat team. When users open wechat, what they expect to see is the information they follow and the news of their friends, not the painless information recommended by the system. Of course, this guideline is not mandatory, it is Uganda Phone Number mandatory advice. Commercialization is a complex subject with many unexpected things going on. There are some important partners who provide key information to wechat users, but require wechat to provide them with access as a condition. Under the premise of controllability. Wechat provides some such portals, but these portals have little effect. This proves the correctness of this criterion from another aspect. And the users of the information recommended by the system are not welcome.

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However, guideline is difficult Uganda Phone Number to enforce. First, it is difficult for the executive team to find a suitable b side to participate in project development together. The information flow received by users often requires the participation of b-side roles. Wechat requires them to provide high-quality content. But there are very Uganda Phone Number few b-sides that can provide high-quality content. Therefore, wechat’s b-side operation rules appear to be very strict, and the suppression is very severe. Second, the design of wechat commercialization projects is difficult. Friendships are generally introduced, and functions are implemented. By strengthening user participation and interaction, but no matter how these functions are designed. They will be too close to the circle of friends, and the circle of friends has become an insurmountable obstacle here.

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