How to Create Edit and Share Google Analytics Goals

Discover how many people are signing up for your newsletter, completing a purchase or adding items to their cart, requesting a quote, downloading e-books and much more with The platform allows its users to set goals for their Tongliao Phone Number websites just like they do for their businesses. Knowing how a website is performing and what visitors click on is vital to enhancing the overall . Google Analytics goals enable tracking of every interaction on a website.

They track a visitor when they arrive on a specific page on a website. URL destination goals track specific URLs such that each time someone visits that URL, they trigger the goal. It helps in tracking the number of people who landed on a website’s specified page.

How to Set Up Goals in Google Analytics

This goal is helpful for e-commerce website owners as they can track metrics such as how many add to carts and checkouts were completed.

Ideal for: Thank you pages, PDFs, order confirmation pages, about, contact or add-to-cart pages or any other page that a user wants to count as a conversion.

A simpler Google Analytics goal for creating a conversion based on the duration of a visitor’s stay on a website before leaving. It helps track user engagement on the website via sessions that last a set amount of time or longer.

Ideal for: Support sites that help visitors answer their questions quickly.

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Using a Goal Template

In addition to tracking a visitor’s time spent on the website, one can track the number of pages each visitor navigates to before leaving using the page per visit goal.

This Google Analytics goal facilitates the evaluation of overall site engagement. It also pinpoints sections of the website that require improvements.

Ideal for: Customer support sites

Event goals allow tracking of user interactions that Google Analytics doesn’t normally record. For instance, setting up Google Analytics event goals enables tracking the following interactions in Google Analytics:

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