How do designers Spain Phone Number find their own growth metrics?

Everyone may have a different understanding of growth. Many bigwigs say that growth is to allow more users to better experience the core value of the product (this also indirectly shows that the work of designers is not contradictory to growth). I myself I agree with this point of view. But I like to express the idea of ​​growth in a more direct, down-to-earth way: Leverage the most value at the least cost .

This map expresses my understanding of growth very well: through a lever, a precise calculation of the position can eventually move the earth. It can be said that only when growth is regarde as a science can we truly achieve the greatest value with the least cost.

How to measure growth?

When it comes to realizing value, we have to mention the measurement standard, otherwise it will be empty. How to measure growth, is it a KPI? Is it user satisfaction?

Actually neither. Because the value mentione here should refer to long-term and quantifiable: KPI can be quantifie, but it is a short-term indicator; qualitative indicators such as user satisfaction are also inconsistent. On the one hand, it is not quantifiable enough, on the other hand, it cannot represent the product. The long-term value of the product, after all, there are many products that users like but do not survive in the end.

So how exactly do you measure growth?

I prefer to use OKRs rather than KPIs or other experience metrics. OKR is an Objective and a Key Result. This O represents an ambitious and long-term goal, so the KR in OKR is naturally a long-term value-driven rather than a short-term benefit-oriente indicator, which is completely in line with growth. core meaning.

 How to identify growth indicators

How to define the OKR indicator?

First of all, we nee to know the O of the enterprise and what its corresponding indicator is. This indicator is the North Star indicator. The North Star Indicator, as the name suggests, is like the North Star hanging high in the sky, guiding the entire company to move in one direction.

The picture below is an example of the North Star indicator I found on the Internet, you can refer to it.


As can be seen from the figure, this indicator is by no means a short-term indicator, but a long-term value-driven indicator.

Different business models have different North Star indicators. Even for the same business model, the North Star Metrics may be different.

For example, Facebook and Mysapce are both social networking sites, but Facebook’s North Star indicator is activity, while Myspace’s North Star indicator is a vanity indicator of newly registere users. Everyone Spain Phone Number has seen the final result. Myspace ende regrettably and Facebook overtook the trend. It can be seen how important the North Star indicator is, it represents the direction and decision-making of the company.

Only by finding the correct North Star metric can we ensure that everything that everyone does, revolves around the same correct goal, and then generates the greatest synergy to create great value for the company.

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How designers can find their own growth metrics

Having said so much, many designers may not help but say: Isn’t this all business-relate. And Spain Phone Number what does it have to do with design.

Don’t worry, the North Star indicator is relevant to everyone, and designers can’t run away. This concept requires us to abandon each role’s own set of working methods. And make decisions from the perspective of the overall. Value of the product, so the design indicators should naturally. Be decompose from the North Star indicators, rather than an isolate system.

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