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Content Crafters is an interview series in which we deconstruct the Kuwait Phone Number List that top bloggers use to get a lot of work done. You’ll be walking away in minutes with actionable takeaways to try right away. Let’s dive in! Sophia Bernazzani is a writer and editor at HubSpot, currently focusing on running the HubSpot Services blog. In July 2017, she launched the HubSpot Services Kuwait Phone Number List latest blog aimed at helping businesses help their customers succeed. She manages the editorial strategy for this newer blog by writing blog posts, editing contributions managing email subscriptions. Executing HubSpot’s new SEO strategy using topic clusters in support of HubSpot’s new customer service offering, Service Hub.

Content to Managing Processes

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Over the past Kuwait Phone Number List has built a service blog from the ground up. The blog has grown 800% since August 2017 and 185% since January 2018. Additionally, in addition to a group of freelance writers, she began recruiting and managing interns. When she’s not writing editing and managing the HubSpot Services blog you’ll find her. Outdoors doing yoga drinking iced coffee with her Java Soak  or playing with animals. You can follow her on her personal website here on Twitter at sops bern, or on LinkedIn here . Inbound headshot Kuwait Phone Number List What is your origin story? How did you get into writing and content marketing professionally? When I was in school, I knew I loved writing creatively and academically, so I wanted to figure out how I could make a living out of it.

What’s Your Secret Sauce for

After writing grants and fundraising and Kuwait Phone Number List some internships in NGO and nonprofit communications. I moved into tech where I discovered that I love fast-paced content marketing. On any given day I’m writing email copy blog posts or for other sites. I started writing for our marketing blog at HubSpot two years ago, and last year, I launched our services blog, where I now serve as Kuwait Phone Number List editor. We’re hiring another writer right now, so I’m still in charge of most of the blogging in addition to running the property’s editorial and growth strategy. What do you think of the hypothetical dichotomy between content quality and quantity?

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