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Contributing to over 10,000 engagements running on millions of websites,” and amp is transitioning to an “ open governance model .” for its part, bing finally announced the release of the bing amp viewer , allowing bing mobile searchers to access amp-enabled pages from within search results How it work. As 2019 approaches, you need to factor mobile friendliness in general, and amp in particular, How it work into all aspects of your marketing. This involves more than just formatting content to render correctly on a smaller screen. There are amp-specific features to take advantage of in the ser ps – it’s the only way to get featured in a top

Stories carousel, for example. With the holiday shopping season looming, there’s no time like the present to renew your commitment to mobile. In this article, How it work i’ll explore three specific areas of focus for improving your mobile strategy:local bright edge (my company) research found that, How it work as of last year, 57% of all online traffic in the us now comes from smartphones and tablets . traffic from wireless and mobile devices will account for more than 63% of total ip traffic by 2021, according to networking company cisco . the world is online and the majority of people on the planet use mobile devices to find answers to

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Their Immediate Needs. How it work when It Comes to Local Content,

Mobile usage is even more prevalent, as 30% of mobile queries are location-based. Mobile searchers also demonstrate high purchase intent; according to a think with google study, 76% of people who search for “nearby” (whether or not they use that actual term) visit a local business within a day. how it work  additionally, 28% of those searches result in a purchase. For national brands, 85% of all engagements take place on local media outlets such as local landing pages. How can you leverage mobile local opportunities, whether for your single-location business or for hundreds of locations across the country? Use location data to target customers. Already, 50% of brands do it. you have to get in the game,  and there’s still room to beat local competitors thathave been slower to adopt. How it work reduce your local marketing radius.

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Purchases like clothing or car repairs, but 93% typically travel 20 minutes or less for general shopping needs. According to the local search association , “urban consumers, how it work  who make up 83% of all shoppers, prefer even shorter distances, with 92% taking trips of 15 minutes or less…. Thus, local businesses must adjust their marketing reach to take into account the small radius of their audience. However, this audience may include local residents, commuters who work nearby google officially integrated amp listings into its how it work  mobile search results and today you’ll find amp on over 25 million domains . amp continues to evolve. Google recently said there were “over 700 people

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