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But not everyone can rely on SEO to get Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List least not explicitly. You can start a blog about SEO when: People search for content related to your website. Search volume will remain stable or increase over time. SEO competition is not fierce. Now, any blog can benefit from SEO. It’s just that not everyone can rely on it as a major traffic driver. However, if you blog about what Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List people know (which is most things), and search (again, if you’re creative, most things), then you can probably make it work. If you think SEO could be a traffic driver for your blog’s growth, read on for some basic SEO research concepts. Here are some great guides: Beginner’s Guide to SEO (Moz) SEO Keyword Research.

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The Definitive Guide (Backlinks) How to Promote Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List Content on Social Media There are two things you need to know about social media and its ability to distribute content. First, some content is better for social media sharing than others. Incredibly tactical and overgrown posts can be great for SEO, but are unlikely to attract a large audience. Second, when considering optimizing a post for Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List most important to consider the sentiment and motivation of the sharer. If it leads to positive social reinforcement for the sharer, that’s a good thing. In other words, you want your posts to make sharers look good to their friends (to increase their social currency ).

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The best book on the subject is Contagious by Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List Jonah Berger. He outlines six characteristics of viral content and activity: Social currency (does it make the sharer look good or smart?) Triggers (Is it the most important? Think Bone Thugs N Harmony ‘s “1st of tha Month” at the beginning of the month , or September 1st for Earth, Wind, and Fire ) Emotion (is it a high-priced emotion ?) public (is it built for display?) Practical value (is it useful?) Story (Is this a sticky story?) STEPPS Contagious Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List Framework Image Source If you’re interested in growing through social, the role models to follow look more like BuzzFeed , Upworthy , etc. (though hopefully the clickbait you’re using is less shocking). Essentially, you want to inspire a very large group to share your content with all your followers.

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