How Pivot Investment Strategies Auctions Foreclosures

Remaining flexible and adapting to the current. Market situation, he is able to find offers and opportunities elsewhere. Today we’re going to dig into the data and show you exactly how it does it. Aaron is an investor, entrepreneur, husband and homeschooled father. With his exceptional time management skills, he is able to balance his career, family and free time. He flipped thousands of homes and, more importantly, Algeria Phone Number List he went through an entire real estate cycle. His perspective and insights are unmatched when it comes to predicting foreclosures and what the moratorium will mean for the market shift ahead. Algeria Phone Number List Where we are today there are experts who seem brilliant at what they do.

And while many of them are many have only

And while many of them are many have only. been involved in real estate for 4 years. They only know the upcycle. Algeria Phone Number They haven’t experienced a bear market or had to adapt their strategy to make money even when the market is down. Investors like aaron are in a much better position to provide insight into where we really stand today.  properties do not remain listed for long. It is a frenetic market, which is not sustainable. Look to the past to anticipate the future in 2009, when aaron was deciding where to buy, he dove right into the data. Today, just like in the early 2000s, properties are flying off the shelves. As in 2005, Algeria Phone Number List new homes are being sold before completion.

With unemployment benefits falling and the

With unemployment benefits falling and the. Moratorium on foreclosures set to expire in the coming months, demand is certain to plummet,Algeria Phone Number List  leading to lower registration prices across the board. Aaron thinks that unlike in 2008, people today have more equity. They don’t refinance to buy toys or make ill-advised purchases. Back then, people would finance 100% of the purchase price when buying, putting them in the hole almost immediately. Today, interest rates are much lower and people are no longer making the same mistakes as when the bubble burst. Algeria Phone Number List What happens after the moratorium ends.

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