How to Choose the Comments Section for Your Site?

People like to give their opinion on any topic, especially those that directly interest them. If you have a blog site, a daily / weekly content site, or a blog, you need a comments section where users can share their views on the topic and ask for more information. Comments France WhatsApp Number also a great way to see exactly what people are getting on your site. What you could improve and real-time feedback. Don’t think twice about whether or not to activate a comments section, but rather take the time to figure out which way is best. You have a choice, I present 3 of the most used.

Standard Comment System

This standard comment system is bundled with WordPress and other blogging platforms such as Blogger or Tumblr. Depending on the platform used, you will be able to moderate the comments and choose whether or not the commenters want to register. Users will be able to leave their first name, last name, nickname and website. This system is easy to use and fast, but it doesn’t give you the ability to have advanced settings for moderation or anti-spam. To prevent spam, I recommend installing the Akismet plug-in, which uses an algorithm that detects spam, but it doesn’t see it all.

Facebook Comments

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Given that Facebook is the most used social networking platform, I recommend that you give your users the opportunity to comment using their Facebook profile or business page. It’s a very easy way for someone to leave you comments and automatically see who that person is, personal or business account details, and the most important thing is that you get to know exactly the details about your target group. In addition, Facebook notifies them if someone liked the comment or if someone else commented. This will encourage more discussion and return to your site. Last but not least, users have the option to tick a box that automatically shares their comment on the social network, hiring friends and other people in the discussion.

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