How to Convert Your Social Media Followers Into Red Hot

Of these motivated sellers so we are going. To tackle the other side, especially since we are now also working with a lot of real estate agents. Brazil Phone Number List Our topic today is how can real estate agents make better use of social media? We dive with jason pantana, coach, trainer and speaker for tom ferry international. Listen to the podcast video transcript trevor: when we started to step back and ask ourselves, “Well, shoot, who knows social media better than anyone we know or have seen?” there is only one name that came to me. I’m like, “We gotta get jason pantana here.”Brazil Phone Number List  jason works with one of our mutual members, the farr group, which we will discuss about the farr group in this article.

It was really cool seeing aaron and krista again

It was really cool seeing aaron and krista again.Two years ago, even when I first connected with them. It was in their first year, they weren’t very social. Brazil Phone Number List The farr group leads farr group leads dashboard with hundreds of leads from social media now seeing them become a top 10 agent in their region in less than three years using just about social media and referrals. And now they’re piling up on google’s organic, it’s amazing. But I’m going to officially introduce our guest today. Jason pantana, he’s with the tom ferry band, but here’s one of the biggest things. Brazil Phone Number List Tom ferry has a lot of amazing coaches. Jason is the guy I’ve seen time and time again as their social media and online marketing guy.

Like when they need someone to talk

Like when they need someone to talk. In depth about the online marketing aspect of commercial real estate, that’s where jason comes in. Brazil Phone Number List I’ll throw you, man. For those of you who may be on the investor side of our business and don’t know tom ferry international or you specifically, or if you’re on the agent side and don’t really know, they don’t are unfamiliar with you, who are you, what do you do on a daily basis and how did you get into the game of educating agents on growing their social media followings and turning them into elites? Jason pantana: I will be brief. First, I’m super excited to be here with you. This is going to be a fun conversation,Brazil Phone Number List  I expect.

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