How to Create the Perfect Content Marketing Calendar

More competitive every day that’s why a report. From the content marketing institute showed that 80% of marketers have a strategy for it.Panama Phone Number List B You don’t have to be a content marketing pro, but you do need to create a solid strategy for 2017. We’re going to walk you through some helpful tips to help you get started with a successful content marketing plan this year how to create the perfect content marketing calendar for real estate you know we’re all about content here at carrot. Panama Phone Number List We post content two or three times a week, and we have coaching calls, and webinars.

And articles and these videos all kinds of things

And articles and these videos all kinds of things. But what can you, as a real estate investor. Agent, or any other entrepreneur watching this video, Panama Phone Number regardless of industry, do in regards to scheduling your content? This is the kind of question we often get from people. They ask, “I understand that I need to make content, but how often do I do it? When do I post it?” things like that. This whiteboard strategy sketch will give you, from our data, what we’ve found to be the best times and frequency to post your content, at the very least. Panama Phone Number List Now you can speed it up and do more.

And once you’ve got your system set up

And once you’ve got your system set up. Watch some of our other videos that will really help you set up your content marketing plan. Panama Phone Number List This video is just going to cover the frequency and time of your schedule. Experiment to find the best days to post content the first thing we’d like to look at is this: what days of the week do we think are the best times for people to absorb your content? We dug into our data, across the thousands of carrot websites, Panama Phone Number List and found that the middle of the week tends to be when most people dive online to watch content.

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