How to fill in an envelope: complete guide

Filling out an envelope can be very simple, if done consistently, but. It can get you in trouble if this is your first time doing it. For this reason, today we will see some. Simple, but invaluable, tips on how to correctly fill out an envelope. We will clarify the information to be included on the back and front side. Where to write the data of the sender and recipient . Which information is mandatory and which information should be followed for formality and custom. To better explain all this we will use some drawings to make the. Task even easier for you.

How to fill in envelope contents hide 1 who is the sender and. Who the recipient 2 back side of an envelope 2.1 what data must be entered 3 front side of an envelope 3.1 data of the recipient 4 degree of confidentiality of a letter 5 how to buy commercial envelopes. Who is the sender and who is the recipient it is the first thing you need to pay attention to when. You are about to send a letter, a registered letter but also a package.


Sizes and With or Without Window

The sender is the one who sends the recipient is the one image manipulation service who receives the envelope the sender is not always mandatory although we recommend that you always enter it. If you are sending a simple letter, you can also not put it, but in all. Other cases registered letter, parcels, etc. It must be written. The recipient, on the other hand, for obvious shipping reasons, can never be missing. Back side of an envelope envelope facade the rear side is the one with the typical envelope flap .

To be clear, that part where the envelope is closed and sealed with glue. Right on the outside of the flap, which can be triangular or rectangular, the senders data must be entered. Why is it important to include them for two simple reasons the recipient will immediately know who sent him the letter if the postal service does not find the recipient, it can proceed with.

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Sending Letters to Large Companies

The return to the sender what data must be USB Directory entered name and surname address postal code city and province they can all be written horizontally, on a single line, or arranged vertically, one above the other. This second option works best if your envelope has a triangular flap. Front side of an envelope front side envelope the front side is the one usually shown when they deliver a letter to you. There must be the following elements recipient data bottom right postage stamp top right priority mail label top left recipient data it is important that they are as complete as possible, and that they are also easily legible to facilitate the task for those who will have to make the delivery.

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