How to Learn Graphic Design

Have you decided that you want to be a graphic designer. But you don’t want to start a college in the field, maybe you already a job and don’t the necessary time. Or do you want to a super-designer in a month? (Spoiler alert: this does not work). Graphic design the process of visual communication and problem solving through the use of typography, photography and illustration. Designers create and Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number combine symbols, images. And text to form a visual representation of an idea or message. Graphic design is applied to everything visual. From the traffic signs you pass daily to the album cover of your favorite band.

Extra Tip: Don’t Just Look at the Tutorial

Do everything your instructor does, practice cementes knowledge best. Books What could be nicer than a book / kindle in your arms, a comfortable armchair and a cup of coffee? (rhetorical question to set the atmosphere). Design books are not available at any bookstore, plus they are expensive. Online ebooks are both free and much cheaper than their physical version, for example amazonfor which you can also find the ebook version for most books. Extra tip : there are online reading platforms, such as , which has a good selection of design books, and the monthly subscription is 9 euros (+ the first month is free).

How Much Time Do You Spend on the Road?

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To work school  supermarket. Instead of staring out the window or honking at traffic. You better listen to an interesting podcast. Among my favorites are: The Honest Designer , The Future , The Deeply Graphic Design Cast , UI Breakfast. Just for the sake of learning, it reproduces the work of other famous / skilled designers, whether it’s a logo, an illustration or a flyer, you’ll see more details than when you take a simple look, plus it’s a good exercise for practice Did you know that you can have both mentors you know personally and people from another continent? It is important to have a list of favorite designers to follow online to motivate yourself, to see how they communicate, what their values ​​are, how they are sold, etc.

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