How To Use Facebook To Launch Your Startup New Zealand Phone Number

Startups are constantly looking for new ways to grow, but the bedrock of any budding startup is keeping costs low.

They need to constantly discern between a need to have and a nice to have. Today, social media offers incredibly low cost (and sometimes free!) ways to grow that startups can take advantage of immediately.

Facebook Groups

Since 2014, there has been a dramatic drop in New Zealand Phone Number organic reach of posts published to Facebook Pages.


This inevitably causes an organic reach decline to Pages since the average user is probably more interested in seeing posts from those they care about than posts from pages they follow.

Lars Backstrom, Engineering Director for Facebook wrote about the newest News Feed update in 2016, “Overall, we anticipate that this update may cause reach and referral traffic to decline for some Pages”.


Pages whose reach highly depends on their posts to the Page will likely see the most decline. However, Pages whose reach comes from people sharing their content will not see the impact as much.

For this reason, utilizing Facebook Groups to get your message to the most people is the best way to achieve your organic reach goals.

Here are a few key things to get your started using Facebook Groups properly:

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1. Join groups that are relevant to your business.

For example, if you are a company specializing in all-natural body care products you would look for a group that focuses on organic products and communities. By doing a simple search on Facebook for “organic lifestyle” you will see several groups dedicated to the discussion and promotion of All Natural & Organic Lifestyles.

2. Follow the rules!

Most Facebook Groups have an “About” section that will outline the posting rules for their Group. By following their guidelines, you can avoid getting banned and reach a large amount of people. Advertising your business may be allowed on some groups and not others, so read this section carefully before posting.

3. Contribute to the group.

This is easily achieved by answering questions that are in your realm of expertise.

Search within the group for topics discussed that refer to your business (i.e. search for “body wash”) and find a post that you can reply to. Participating in this dialogue increases your engagement and could lead to new

Create Unique Content


If the content does not add value to the audience the analytics will reflect that.


The most appealing content is unique and original. If a person’s first encounter with your business is not appealing, it is unlikely there will be a second encounter

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