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I write this post as a result of a comment from a student in a class I gave last week. The subject of the class was roughly what an entrepreneurial writer is and how to set up your own sole proprietorship in order to live from writing.
I told Egypt Phone Numbers  it in this week’s molpe newsletter: one thing that happens to me every time I give this type of class (it was a class in a master’s degree in writing) is that I feel like when I had to confirm to my children that they were indeed three wise men. The tooth fairy and santa claus did not exist but we were the parents. My daughter spent a week without speaking to me for lying to her.

And when something takes you

The students in that class had just arrived in this publishing world for the most part. Some have published work but from the traditional point of view and with few sales. The concept of the entrepreneurial writer in charge of his own one-man business struck them as if I had placed them in front of a runaway streetcar. Their heads turn upside down when I talk to them about visibility. Sales funnel and other words of writing entrepreneurship.
out of your comfort zone. You stir. “This. All this that you tell us. That the writer has to work on his personal brand and his visibility to sell. Is almost like discrediting the writing profession.” one of them told me. “Become men-orchestra”.
The orchestra writer

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Then I remembered this post by isaac belmar . Whom I adore. For his deep love of literature and the writing profession. Even if I don’t always share what he says. And from many complaints like this one from josé de la rosa at the time that he generated the article «how to survive marketing for writers» .
My concept of an enterprising writer is not that of a «man-orchestra» but that of a director. Not in vain is the photo that heads this post sought. But I don’t know if you know that. To become a conductor. You have to know how to play a string instrument. A wind instrument. The piano and some percussion. Aside from extensive musical training and many. Many hours of practice. The conductor is also in charge of organizing the event. Choosing the pieces. Scheduling agendas. Mediating between the musicians. Checking the tuning of the instruments…Doesn’t that seem so much like his job? Well it is.
you about earlier with the analogy developed by michael ende in his book the neverending story . They say that ende designed his world in such a way that the childlike empress is a metaphor for the germ of the writer. I told you about it in this article . And that we all want to stay safe in the ivory tower without going out to come to grips with nothingness.
We are not taught to undertake and there are no regulated studies to be a writer

I started that talk that I was telling

I replied to the assistant to the talk telling him that. When you start in this. You must choose your own path. You have two options: one. If you choose the traditional route and not leave the ivory tower. It is very likely that you will never make it (after all. Publishers are businesses that want to sell books and value a writer having an audience) and even if you manage to publish regularly. If you don’t want to have anything to do with the promotion part. You should find a job that supports you and leaves you enough time to write.
And two. You can consider living from this and being a hybrid. It takes a lot more work. Yes. But you may also get to be on the novelty tables of bookstores over time.
Entrepreneurship is an attitude towards life. It is being active in making decisions that are presented to you and having the initiative to execute what you decide. In fact. Entrepreneur comes from entrepreneur. Which was what was called in france in the 16th century to all those who traveled to america leaving everything behind. In search of a better but undoubtedly uncertain destination. And we are not used to uncertainty. We do not want it in our lives.
As the proofreader ana castillo answers me:
“they don’t educate us to be entrepreneurs. That’s the problem. In my family. Entrepreneurship is buying a truck. Opening a bar or a hairdresser. And always end up broke. Opposite or you’re lost. They tell you. The good part is that there is already a part of the population that has evolved. Perhaps it is still very little. But like everything. It is necessary to give it time ».
Spain is also not a country of entrepreneurs. Most of the students want to be civil servants or employees in companies. I guess we are educated not to question things. Because they have always been done that way.
Carmen fernández santás answers my newsletter with an example:
Apart from this anecdote. All studies show that multitasking is not effective. That you perform better and achieve a higher level of excellence when you specialize in what you like best and for what you have more skills. It has nothing to do with prejudice because we are not talking about career ladders. In fact. An entrepreneur with a command of ict can be quoted more than a writer. The question is to do what you love and. To do it well and achieve excellence. You have


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