How Will Google’s New Cookie Policy Transform Your Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is approaching the cookie-free era. Starting in 2022, the Google Chrome browser will join Safari and Firefox and will no longer allow the use of cookies, forcing advertisers to find new ways to reach their audiences. What are the Japan Phone Number reasons for this change? How will it affect our digital marketing strategies and what solutions can we look for? We tell you everything in this article. Do you want to know what will be the impact on digital marketing of the elimination of Cookies in Chrome or the new privacy policies in iOS 14?

Google’s New Cookie Policy

Click here and see the related course. Round table with expert voices from the sector. How google’s new cookie policy will transform your digital marketing. Google’s new cookie policy earlier in 2020, google surprised. The digital marketing industry. By japan phone number announcing. That it will remove support for third-party cookies from its google. Chrome web browser over the next few years. This is a true revolution for our sector since cookies are tracking. The method used by advertisers and advertising platforms for decades. Especially on computers. However, in recent years. New monitoring methods are safer. More efficient and more compatible. With our new internet usage habits have been incorporated into the ecosystem. Moving from one application to another instead. Of using the browser exclusively.

How Will the Restriction of Cookies in Google Chrome Affect Digital Marketing?

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Google’s objective is to introduce new technologies that offer advertisers the same functions as cookies when it comes to segmenting and targeting campaigns, but that are more respectful of user privacy and security. To make this possible, they have promised to develop alternatives throughout 2021 and 2022 that store user information within their new solution, the Privacy Sandbox. What types of cookies does Google want to delete? Cookies are small computer files sent by websites to be stored in browsers and track different data about users. There Japan Phone Number are many different types of cookies, including malicious cookies that aim to plant viruses on your computer. These are the main types of cookies that brands currently use and that Google Chrome will eliminate from 2022: Session Cookies: These cookies are used only when a person is actively browsing a website and disappear once they leave the site.

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