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But that’s where things went wrong again for arnstein and his company. Google dragged its feet in responding to the removal request. And once they answered, they chose not to delete. Image Masking Service everything. Identified ur ls and/or part of the material now appeared. On other ur ls. unfortunately, arnstein ran out of money to pay even more. Legal fees to get more court documents. Once one gets a court order for defamation like this. Image Masking Service there is a short window of time in which. One can more easily submit a request for review/addendum to the court without. Opening a whole new legal case for the additional ur ls discovered. Google’s

Delay in responding and then arnstein’s inability. To pay additional legal fees combined to make it much harder. To get the help he needed to unravel. The damage caused by the extortionist. Image Masking Service. He is expected to return to court in a new trial to obtain victims of online defamation struggle to get fake harmful content removed i have seen similar things happen in other cases. Note that google is quite pedantic in identifying ur ls of defamatory content in a very specific way. in an earlier court case, i saw how lawyers for a defamation Image Masking Service victim submitted ur ls where the defamation appeared, including on google’s own hosted group

Forums, but The Affected Image Masking Service Pages Scrolled Endlessly ,

So google’s removal review staff apparently didn’t bother to scroll far enough to check for the presence of the cited materials, or their management software didn’t check for the presence of the exact text because he did not examine more than the text of the initial page,in still other cases, Image Masking Service the defamation appears on the index pages of blogs and forums, but during the period between attorneys submitting removal requests and google reviews, Image Masking Service the content shifted to later pagination. In still other cases, a submitted url redirects to another url, resulting in google staff pedantically stating that the defamatory content is technically not present on the url requested to be removed. Also, i have reported in the past how some of the sites notorious for hosting harmful defamatory content targeting

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Individuals and Businesses Image Masking Service Change Content

Ur ls as soon as they detect that google has removed a page from search results. (see: does the ripoff report subvert google deletions?) Image Masking Service this exact issue was and is happening with arnstein’s case – i have personally verified that one of the ur ls in arnstein’s original court orders legally obtained was this url of a ripoff report page after arnstein obtained his court order stating Cided that these various online publications were defamatory and that they should be deleted. Arnstein’s lawyers sent the ur ls of the identified defamation to google, Image Masking Service Sis of the criminal’s confession that michael arnstein’s lawyer was able to go to court and obtain a

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