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Base Camp Basecamp isn’t just for Macedonia WhatsApp Number List can be a useful task management system. Especially if you have multiple different roles working on content – designer, SEO, developer, etc. – Basecamp can be a great way to organize complex projects to get content online. productivity tools Once you get the basics down—writing tools, CMS, workflow management Macedonia WhatsApp Number List you can be more productive. How do you increase your output? How can you save time by reducing useless or repetitive tasks? These tools will help you. 32. Can word Wordable lets you upload your Google Docs directly to WordPress in seconds, perfectly formatted. How many articles have you written?

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How long is each article? How long does it take to format Macedonia WhatsApp Number List each post in WordPress? We often hear that users save 2-4 hours per article. Think about what this could save you in a month or a year. 33. Pomodoro Timer I’m not a huge Pomodoro fan, but many are. This Pomodoro Timer provides you with a nice, free, in-browser tool to run the Pomodoro Technique sprint. 34. StayFocusd Macedonia WhatsApp Number List Chrome Extension StayFocusd is another non-content-specific productivity tool. But no matter what you’re doing, the most important part is really uninterrupted focus. StayFocusd does this by placing limits on the sites you can visit before you finish work, and warning you or blocking those sites when you’re done.

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LastPass LastPass stores all your passwords. This helped Macedonia WhatsApp Number List me save a lot of time. If you use multiple tools and share passwords with your team, use LastPass. Never process again through “Forgot your password?”. multimedia resources Blogging is more than just writing; most of the time, you must also use images, videos, and other forms of media in your posts. The following tools and resources can help you acquire, create, and share different types of content media. 36. Canvas Canva helps you create visuals Macedonia WhatsApp Number List for your content. You can start for free and create tons of template-based visuals, whether they’re for cover images, social media posts, or ebook covers. However, once you start paying for Canva, you get access to team templates, premium artwork, and more.

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