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The reason it’s more valuable is that these are usually offered in Belarus Phone Numbers List exchange for an email address rather than being viewed entirely for free. Adding these content upgrades to blog posts provides more list-building capabilities. Screenshot April 13, 2019 4.02.39pm Image Source Not sure what to blog about? Consider the questions you often see customers ask (you chat with customers a lot and gather feedback, right?) The answers to these questions will always be a great blog post. Plus, you can direct customers to Belarus Phone Numbers List your blog instead of typing the same answers over and over. Win-win? Sounds like us! Plus, you can easily find your competitors’ rankings or what people are searching for using SEO tools like Ahrefs.

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Check out this list for more great blogging tools. Email Marketing While email marketing is in a sense its own (very granular) form of digital marketing, email content Belarus Phone Numbers List still falls under the umbrella of content marketing. It is permission-based and opt-in, inbound, and uses content as its primary fuel and engine. When it comes to email newsletters for businesses, the possibilities are endless, and the type of business or industry largely affects which email newsletters will perform better. For example, a retail company wants to share product photos in its emails to increase sales of those specific products. On the other Belarus Phone Numbers List (software as a service) companies want to return their websites and services while containing valuable information.

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You can mix and match, though (no hard and fast rules here). Pique Belarus Phone Numbers List Tea has a great email list with educational content about health and wellness: Emails can show roundups of recent blog posts, share ongoing sales or discounts, tell stories, teach lessons, and more. The important thing to remember is that your email list has willingly given you their email address and you don’t want to abuse it. You don’t want to send more than one email per day, or your audience may see it as spam and unsubscribe . On the other hand, you don’t want to send less than one email per month, or your audience may forget they’re even on your Belarus Phone Numbers List they don’t want to hear from you again, and unsubscribe.

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