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Even if you’re not going to do any crazy sales funnel Argentina WhatsApp Number List can still create “content upgrades.” Sometimes it’s as simple as providing a checklist or PDF of the articles you’ve written. Take Nick Komenda , who wrote a 10,000-word guide to monsters. He always offers PDF downloads: Source Another creative way to get more email subscribers is through lead generation quizzes . Quizzes are more Argentina WhatsApp Number List engaging than regular sign-up forms because people get something in return for taking part. Make sure the topic of the quiz is somehow related to your product, but don’t quiz just about your product.

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Paste image 0 Image Source How to Create a Argentina WhatsApp Number List Blog Newsletter Worth Reading Finally, we touched on the topic of blogging newsletter engagement. Basically, once you’ve collected a bunch of email addresses, what do you do with them? As with most things in marketing and business, the goal is to provide value. You have to give value to get value. Most ecommerce newsletters seem to ignore Argentina WhatsApp Number List this. So whatever strategy you employ, make sure it’s led by real value. In the past, you could consider: How often you send emails when you send an email the content of these emails Test different elements of an email.

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How often is a gut-based decision that maps intuitively to Argentina WhatsApp Number List the type of content you produce and how often you post it. Unfortunately, there is no universal “right answer” here. For example, HubSpot sends an email every day. WaitButWhy sends a random email every few months when they publish a new article. Both are successful blogs and companies, but their email engagement strategies are Argentina WhatsApp Number List completely different. You just need to develop your own best practices based on your available resources and logical assumptions to understand how much content your audience wants to consume (you can also survey them to get a rough idea).

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