In the Spotlight: Zero to 10,000 Users in Jordan Phone Number

I sat down to write this post a few weeks after the Spotlight Instagram Feeds plugin won 10,000 active events on That’s great, especially considering it only started in June 2020!Yes, we released a new product in the midst of an epidemic, but that’s Jordan Phone Number what I’m going to say about it. We are happy to work remotely so we took advantage of our time at home to put our energy into this new journey. n late February, I read this tweet from Justin Ferri man of Learn Dash and he inspired me to write this article. This post is how I celebrate a small victory as I continue on my journey to a bigger goal.

The tech expert), Gaby (the design queen), and I (the “everything else”)-all created Rebel Code. Miguel and I have been working on the plugin since day one when Gaby designed most of our website, branding, and added parts to the plugin during the design process. Instagram feeds aren’t just about photo or video galleries, but it could be much more than that. That’s why Jordan Phone Number we created Spotlight and will continue to develop it further. This article is not about features. About what it took to get here. Day 0: The decision Looking back to January 2020, we looked at the new product market but had no concrete idea of ​​what we were looking for. As I researched and discussed with the team, I looked at the feedback we got in the WP RSS Aggregator support channel. One place to stand out – social media feeds.

Jordan Phone Number

Their website, but Instagram didn’t have an RSS feed. There are 3rd party services that can create them for you, but it’s just not the same. That’s when I decided it was time to take a look at the social media hosting market, both inside and outside of WordPress. One thing was clear – even though SaaS solutions have been around for a while and released new ideas, things ha Jordan Phone Number ve really broken down in WordPress. There are many plugins to add to Instagram feeds, but even though we tried them all, we weren’t impressed.I did market research, discussed ideas with the team, and compiled our sales papers. Basically, this is the store I will use if I am to sell Spotlight to people at that time. This is the basis of all future plans.

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