What Is the Return on Investment or Roi of Inbound Marketing?

If you want to know if your inbound marketing is working, you have to measure ROI . According to Hubspot, marketers who track ROI are 17% more likely to increase their profits. And this is the only way to identify the actions that are effective and focus your budget on them. But unlike other channels like paid advertising, the ROI of inbound marketing is not as easy to measure at a glance. We have to take into account the particularities of this methodology in order to UK Phone Number measure the results adequately, so we are going to see how to do it. Do you want to fully understand the Inbound Marketing of the future? Click here and register for free in our complete training to develop a global strategy that will help you attract and convert users into customers.

What Is Roi or Return on Investment in Inbound Marketing?

What is the return on investment or ROI of Inbound Marketing What is ROI or return on investment in inbound marketing? The ROI or return on investment is a numerical metric that calculates the profitability of a marketing campaign, that is, if we have managed to generate more benefits than the budget we have invested. If the UK Phone Number ROI gives a positive result, it means that we are on the right track and that our campaign has been effective. What Is the Return on Investment or Roi of Inbound Marketing? But if, on the contrary, we find a negative result, it is a wake-up call that we need to stop to analyze what is happening and introduce the necessary changes to make the campaign profitable. How is the ROI of a campaign calculated?

How Is the Roi of a Campaign Calculated?

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In conclusion, The basic calculation of roi is done by subtracting. The investment from the benefit obtained, dividing. The result by the investment and multiplying. By 100 to obtain a percentage as a result. Let’s see it with an example: suppose we have invested 1,000 euros in inbound marketing. Campaign and we have obtained. Benefits of 3,000. The uk phone number calculation would look like this:roi = (3000-1000)/1000×100 therefore. We will obtain a roi of 200% or, what is the same, €2 profit for each euro invested. The most common is that the benefits that we include in the calculation are sales. But there are other options depending on our objectives.

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