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Kaleigh Moore said it very well in a recent Paraguay Phone Number List interview we did . Here’s what she said: “Specialization [is my greatest strength]. I write blog content for a specific set of clients, not any type of article for any type of client. Doing this helped me become the go-to person for that “one thing”. This is the antithesis of the know-it-all, omniscient idea. I didn’t make this change Paraguay Phone Number List I took Paul Jarvis’ creative course course (which I now co-teach!) – but once I did, my freelance career became more sustainable. ” Of course, there are exceptions, but most successful freelance writers start out with niches. The smaller and more specific the customer profile, the better.

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From there you can scale Paraguay Phone Number List an “I can write anything” perspective, it’s really hard to really differentiate and get business. Also, it helps to showcase something for your writing – some kind of portfolio. When you’re just starting out, you may need to do some free work. Yes, it sucks, but here’s a problem 22: You need to show your work to get a job, but you don’t have a job yet. Oftentimes volunteering for projects Paraguay Phone Number List guest posts for free can help in these situations. Now, let’s discuss some ideas for scoring customers. Ways to Find Freelance Writing Opportunities First, before researching acquisition channels, define the right customers for your use based on niche and size/maturity .

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Also, some businesses are not prepared to Paraguay Phone Number List hire freelancers. As Kaleigh Moore said in the GrowthHackers AMA In my experience people who hire freelance. Writers typically choose this option for a few different reasons. They don’t have the internal time team to effectively manage the level of content production they want to achieve. They want to work with subject matter experts who can research Paraguay Phone Number List and write about specific topics Most of the time this is triggered when brands have reached a certain level of growth/financial security where they have the resources to hire additional help and are ready to go all out to scale content efforts.

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