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It has exported talents like Kenya Phone Number into the new system. The so-called old tree grows new branches. We are working quickly in another field, using brand new chess.” yao jinbo said with emotion say. Why? Because the entire model of 58 is rapidly changing from an information service model to a transaction model. This involves two major Kenya Phone Number branches of o2o: light and heavy, namely information mode and transaction mode. In the o2o era, users obtain information in order to complete. Transactions, so obtaining the entire service experience is the ultimate goal. If no transaction can take place, it means little to b (merchant) and c (user).

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Has a famous and very jianghu line: “if you come Kenya Phone Number out and mix. You will always have to pay it back.” i also like to apply this sentence pattern when i do the “traditional enterprise transformation. To the internet” internal training: come out and mix , always for sale. Talking about a thousand things and ten Kenya Phone Number thousand, in the end of the internet, you always have to sell things, either selling traffic (search + portal + client), or selling goods various e-commerce. Or selling virtual items (online games). What if you make money in the end? Go back and buy it! So you must cut into the trading link. Which is the ultimate king. Wechat is so awesome, why don’t you want to be the second shareholder ofdianping. And 58 in order to sell traffic and realize it? Let me give you another calculation.

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Chinese internet Kenya Phone Number companies are alibaba. Tencent, baidu, xiaomi and vipshop, with e-commerce monopolizing half of them. Therefore, countless e-commerce and o2o have died, but more people rushed in. Several new forces are emerging now: 58, ganji, group buying, meituan, dianping, didi, kuaidi, vertical jumei, yiche, which one Kenya Phone Number directly cut into the direct transaction link? Remember my words: not the channel is king, but the transaction is king. Before many people understood, 58 had turned around like lightning. Wind direction 3: key vertical category market is eroded. The explosion of o2o and the expansion of boundaries will have a direct consequence. It will not take too long, and vertical information service. Websites such as soufun, 51qianqian, and yiche will be surprised to find that they have been greatly eroded.

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